Las Vegas Interagency
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NERV Rental

Please submit NERV payment Package immediately after NERV return.


  • If you need a NERV rental for your assignment, express that to Dispatch during your initial call.
  • Dispatch will handle:
    1. Heavy Duty NERV rentals
    2. AD NERV rentals
    3. Pool vehicle rentals.
  • Fill out questionnaire on Dispatch website. Please do not fill out questionnaire until you have your Resource Order. You need that information for the questionnaire.
  • If you are a GS employee and do not need a Heavy Duty rental, please rent your vehicle through your agency travel program.
  • Dispatch will email the Resource a copy of:
    1. Resource Order
    2. NERV traveler rental checklist
    3. Nerv Cover Sheet
    4. SOP's and supporting documentation
  • Before Mobilization you will need to email NERV the Nerv Traveler Rental Checklist at
  • It is the responsibility of each operator/host agency to ensure this sheet is filled out for each incident.
Nerv Extensions
  1. You may keep your rental for 120 days
  2. Payment package is due every 30 days for all agencies
  3. No requirement to extend with Enterprise. "no extension is necessary"
Nerv Transfers
  1. BLM- If the vehicle is transferred to another driver- The original Driver will need to make note in the "SND FIRE NERV TRACKER" including: Incident number, resource order number, name of the previous driver. Please communicate transfer details to SND fire business.
  2. BLM- The original coversheet, resource orders and supporting documentation will need to stay with the vehicle when transferred.
  3. BLM- It is the responsibility of the Final driver to upload the payment package to the "SND FIRE NERV TRACKER".
Once your assignment is complete you will need:
  1. Complete NERV payment coversheet with all the incidents you were assigned to.
  2. Resource orders that the vehicle was charged to.
  3. Pre/post NERV traveler rental checklist
  4. Copy of your rental agreement from the vendor.
  5. Copy of the inspection form - Ground Support Only (Only if there was inspection done- not required)
  6. All documentation of vehicle damage. (Include pictures, damage report, accident report and contact names/numbers for all involved)
  7. ALL OTHER AGENCIES- Send your Nerv Paperwork into Nerv.
  8. BLM-Please upload those documents to the NERV Tracker.

BLM PROCESS - Kat Flowers will send in payment package. If you do not have access to the Sharepoint, please turn in your NERV documents to Kat Flowers Fire Business Admin Support Assistant.