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Positions at the Southern Nevada BLM Fire Engine Program

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BLM Fire Operations Specialist
Jason Cain

BLM Assistant Fire Operations Specialist
Sean Whalen

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Updated   27-Feb-2020 17:05:14
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The Southern Nevada District Engine Program consists of 3 Fire Stations (Red Rock, Logandale, and Pahrump) that house three type 3 engines and two type 6 engines. Each module is staffed with three to four personnel. Our program boasts a diverse well trained workforce that is relied on to provide services locally, to the state, as well as nationally. Beyond safety, training and employee development is our top priority. The Southern Nevada District BLM is the primary wildland initial attack response for 6 million acres surrounding the Las Vegas Metropolitan area. Our engine program closely works with all City, County, State, and Federal fire entities through interagency partnerships and agreements.

Candidates are expected to be in exceptional physical condition upon hire and represent The Bureau of Land Management in a professional manner. Our goal is to set the standard for excellence.

Vacancies for seasonal positions are listed on USAJOBS.GOV starting in November. Each listing on USAJOBS lists specific position details and has a first consideration cut off date, this date has historically accounted for 100% of hiring. Initial outreach calls beginning in January. We encourage those needing further information on this program and application process to begin establishing contact with the program supervisor during the fall months and emails are always welcome (see below for more contact information)

BLM Fire Engine Program photo BLM Fire Engine Program photo
BLM Fire Engine Program photo BLM Fire Engine Program photo