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The Mesquite SEAT base is a BLM full-service retardant base located eighty-seven miles northeast of Las Vegas, NV. Mesquite SEAT base supports wildfire operations in Southern Nevada, Utah and Arizona. A SEAT (single engine air tanker) is an AT-802-A aircraft that is operated by a pilot with a tank capacity of 800 gallons. The SEATís mission is to support ground personnel with retardant drops during wildfire suppression operations. The base consists of one pit, two retardant holding tanks and a mixing tank.

Multiple qualified personnel run the base, they are a fixed wing parking tender (FWPT), ramp manager (RAMP) and SEAT manager (SEMG). Fixed wing parking tender duties are directing the SEATís movements, such as parking, entering and exiting the pit. The ramp manager is responsible for operations on the ramp and manages the fixed wing parking tenders and movement of aircraft. The SEAT manager supervises the FWPT, RAMP, and SEATS. Their duties include providing a daily briefing to pilots and crew, communicating with dispatch, maintaining paperwork and ensures the safety of the crew and aircraft.

The normal workday at the SEAT base starts at 0700 and ends around 2000 (8 p.m.), ramp staff work in high temperatures (100 degrees +) and are consistently on their feet. The Mesquite SEAT base provides opportunity for crewmembers to travel around the west to other SEAT bases and Tanker bases. If you are interested in an exciting, rewarding and challenging opportunity, please contact us for more information.


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